Friday, September 21, 2012

Choosing Fabric

I make fabric covered button jewelry. It isn't terribly difficult or expensive to make fabric covered buttons, so the competition can be fierce. I think what can make or break a wannabe fabric button maker is found in fabric selection.
Choosing a fabric that will work over a bitty button is no easy task. Patterns must be small enough to be "read" when they are stretched around a button. Online shopping can be difficult because many otherwise quality sites don't give any indication as to the scale of a print. 
Shopping in person is easier, but living in Omaha, I don't have access to the all the prints that I'd like to. This is where I have to get creative.
Sometimes, larger prints can work out wonderfully on a button. I like using parts of large patterns because I can create different designs using the same cut of fabric. Also, because only a tiny part of a print is visible, I'd like to think it deters counter fitters ;).

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