Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Featured Item of the Day

Black and White Diamonds Clip On Bow Tie
Here by popular demand, Rachel O’s Clip on Bow Ties!
Hair bows just weren’t enough, now Rachel O’s has the bows you love in clip on form. So dapper and classic, they’re perfect for everything from a gala event to barhopping, YOUR CHOICE!
This Bow Tie features a great black and white diamond design.
Measuring in at just under 4 inches (see photo with ruler), this is a great bow for both men, women, and children (so versatile!). Ladies, this bow makes a SUPER sweater clip. I’m wearing one right now! Don’t let your sweaters go all crazytown, keep them in proper place with this bowtie clip!
Due to the cut of the fabric, your bow will vary slightly from the one pictured, but will be equally awesome.
PLEASE LOOK AT THE HOW-TO PHOTO! You must pull the sides of the bow UP to put this bow on. DO NOT try to pull the clip apart. Your great strength will probably bend the metal, but it will severely hamper the ability of the clip to do its job. And you may break it permanently.
Also please note that there is no real “standard” size of clip on bow ties. This may be considered on the small size of the spectrum, but is still well within the range of clip on bow ties. If you have one of your granddads bow ties, it won’t be the same size. Will it be smaller or larger? I have no idea. I never met your grandfather. If you don’t know how large 4 inches is, please consult your ruler. These bows are just under 4 inches wide, as photographed with a real (non-trick) ruler.
Have questions? Ask before you buy! THANKS! 

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