Friday, September 21, 2012

Featured Item of the Day

Purple Gradient Hand Dyed Twist Knit Loop Cowl Scarf
Rachel O's Knit Loop Cowl Scarves are knitted with 100% Pure Virgin Wool. These scarves pull over your head to keep your neck warm and oh-so-classy.

They are knit flat and stitched into the loop shape with one full twist. As a result, there is a seam if you look for it. The join in the back has a cute tiny ruffle, it looks great running down the back of your neck. The loop is approx 22 inches long- enough to get over your head, small enough to keep that neck toasty.

This scarf has a gradient of a great dusty rose to a spring green. It's like a bouquet around your neck.

I hand dye every scarf myself. Each one is unique. I LOVE finding new color combos.

I knit these by hand on a knitting machine. Wait, by hand, ON a machine? Yes. Machine is such a misnomer, that thing is the most basic of machines, it's totally powered by me. Considering the hard work to knit a scarf, yes, this thing is hand made. The knitting machine is more like a loom. A loom whose only power source is me. I knit like one row an hour. It would take literally years to make these on needles. I'm willing do do this, but I don't think you'd like the $100k price tag.

Please hand wash, we all knows what happens when you put wool in the washing machine. NOT GOOD. I've pre-washed every scarf in Woolite for softness.

Check out my other listings for other colors including hand dyed loop scarves.

You know what would be super cute? A little pin on the scarf for decoration. Check out my jewelry section for some cool ideas. 

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