Sunday, September 9, 2012

Featured Item of the Day

Purple Unicorn Pendant
SO Awesome! A unicorn necklace!
Unicorns are known as the narwhals of the sea*. This fabulous little guy is hand sculpted in purple polymer clay, sprinkled with glitter, and sealed with clear enamel so the glitter stays on the unicorn, and not your clothes.
Unicorn head is "mounted" in a silver colored metal disc measuring approx .75 in wide. With tusk, it measures approx 1 inch back to end of horn.

Unicorn pendant does not come with a chain, if you really, really need something to hang it from, let me know and I'll throw in a ribbon to tie it on.

The horn is reinforced with wire, but seriously, don't play rugby while wearing this thing, it won't hold up. You know what? don't hug people either, that doesn't seem like a good idea- kinda pointy... so, no hugs, ok?

This listing is for one unicorn pendant. See my listings for other colors and animals.

Looking for a whole cluster of unicorns? (maybe for an awesome wedding?) Contact me for pricing on a whole forest of creatures.
Due to the handmade nature of this piece, your unicorn may vary slightly from the one shown. But it will be equally awesome.

*Totally made up fact. 

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