Sunday, September 9, 2012


Looking for the best donut place in Omaha? Skip every single chain you've ever heard of and head for the Donut Stop on 13th Street, just south of the old market.
Donut Stop is an almost wholly unknown gem of a bakery. It eschews all bakery convention, and is only open at night. If you get up early you can catch them at the end of their day. But the best time is to be there when they open the doors (some time between 9 and 10pm). That's when the donuts are hot and fresh, and so unbelievably tasty. 
My favorite is the apricot filled jelly donut. It's an unbelievable combination of perfect flavor and sugar, sugar, sugar. LOVE. 
The walls are covered in photos of kittens and ponies (why would there be anything else?).  There are boardgames to play, and a well warmed pot of coffee.
Don't go thinking that you can go in there after a hard night of drinking. The octogenarian regulars look down on that sort of business. It's best to be respectful, and take your donut bounty with you. The prices are insanely low, so remember to tip on your way out. 

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