Friday, October 12, 2012

All for me

I'm usually so focused on creating products for my etsy store and store customers that I forget to make things for myself. I couldn't resist hoarding these vintage buttons for hairpins of my very own.
On my mini-trip to Des Moines, I was lucky to pick up a jar of buttons from an antique store. It was a major find for me. The buttons have so much character. Many are "damaged" or have "extreme patina". While this may have scared some away, this just made them more attractive to me!
I love the ones with text. I had some real winners, but I couldn't resist "Big Yank" or "Fine Qualite". The white and black button appears to have been hand painted (and not well).
I've been wearing them tucked into my bun every day. Can not get enough of these!

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