Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bad Pumpkin

Ok, I can't stop with the decorated pumpkins. I didn't invent putting teeth in pumpkins, but I'd like to think that I perfected the art.
All you need to make a bad pumpkin is a mini pumpkin, a fake mustache, and some plastic vampire teeth.
Cut a hole in the pumpkin the size of the teeth. Leave the seeds and goop inside, this will keep you from accidentally pushing the teeth all the way inside (learned that the hard way). After the teeth, just apply the stick on mustache. i like this one as it wraps all the way around the teeth. 
Doesn't this little guy look fierce? Like maybe he's a bad, tough, biker pumpkin? 
I suggest leaving one on all your friends doorsteps. There's nothing like an evil pumpkin to perk up anyone's day. 

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