Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Featured Item of the Day

Zombie Fingers, One of a Kind Hand Sculpted Earrings
The new fashion accessory of choice, ZOMBIE FINGERS!
Your standard “organic“ dismembered finger has only a short shelf life, but Rachel O’s patented polymer ‘pendages offer near constant fashion fabulousness for years to come!
Scaled to a ladylike size, these tiny fingers measure approx 1 inch long.
You can request skin tone- Light, Medium, Dark, even nail polish- natural, red, black, etc (just ask, I love nail polish). I suggest a fabulous mismatched pair. If you don't specify anything, I'll just send you a practically perfect pair. You have been warned.
Show off your (wannabe) zombie hunter skills with these fabulous earrings. Perfect for Halloween, trips to the gun range for zombie hunting practice, or days at the office where you just want to say "don't mess with Texas, by the way I am Texas, and isn't this zombie apocalypse something? Just yesterday, Sue from accounting was telling me....."
Hooks are some silver colored metal.

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