Sunday, October 7, 2012

Onward to Iowa

Last weekend, husband and I went on a mini-adventure to Des Moines. It's totally within day-trip distance, but we hadn't been in a long time. It was the perfect time of year to go for a long drive. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, and the trees were all changing colors. 
We used to drive this length of I-80 all the time when we lived in Chicago and drove back and forth to visit Omaha. I'd never paid much attention to this stretch as focusing too hard on where you are is a surefire way to make a 9 hour drive seem even longer.
So even though I'd technically been to Des Moines many, many times, I'd never really gotten to explore.
We went to some really neat antique stores, and I bought a thing that I'd wanted for a long time (focus of another post). I was able to buy a jar of buttons to use for jewelry (why do vintage buttons always come in jars? Is that their unit of measure?). I'm always on the lookout for more vintage buttons to make jewelry. It's especially exciting when they're still on their cardboard cards. It's pretty much impossible to find matching pairs for earrings otherwise. I've bought huge jars of buttons and been unable to find a single matching pair (true story!)
I was impressed my a street market that we went to. It had a great mix of indie, antique and misc. Very interesting.

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