Monday, October 1, 2012

Project! Banner

I've been on a bit of the iron on adhesive kick this week. After getting a roll for the tool belt project last week, I've come up with a bunch of projects to use it with!
Benson Artist Market First Friday is coming up (THIS FRIDAY!). I'm always trying to up my game with each show, getting better every time. I've decided to up my presentation this time in addition to product selection. I whipped up this cute little banner in a single afternoon. The zigzag fabric is glued to felt for added stability. The letters were cut out from a sheet of fabric that had the adhesive pre-attached. I connected the banner panels with some of my Rachel O's 1 inch buttons. I was happy to finally be able to use my underutilized pinking shears. They seemed like such a good buy, but I can never think of any reason to use them. Overall I think this is pretty darn cute. I can't wait to pin it up on the edge of my table.

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