Thursday, November 22, 2012

Featured Item of the Day

Vintage Button Garden Pink on Emerald
Rachel O's is proud to offer a new line of jewelry and hair accessories: Vintage Button Garden.
Vintage Button Garden brings together sweet buttons and detailed enamel roses to make modern accessories with a vintage twist.

Buttons may or may not be technically vintage. Most buttons come from the "button bin". Begun by my grandma and her sisters sometime in the 1930s or before, and continued in our family through today, the button bin contains a wide range of buttons. While most are pre-1990s, it is impossible to tell when what buttons were added when, or by whom. Some are leftovers from projects, rejects, removed from clothes, offered as extras with new clothes, or who knows?

Flowers are new. The entire ensemble is firmly attached to a pair of regular metal posts.

This set features a set of green buttons with pink roses. 

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