Friday, April 11, 2014

Teeny Tiny Flowers

When I go to an art or craft show (which is rare) I only consider buying things that I could never make myself. These tiny flowers are the definition of a craft I know I could never master.
I've seen these tiny handmade flowers before. Every time I see them, I completely lose my mind. I have a nice handful of them tucked around the house. I also have a full size orchid that people compliment me on keeping alive. I haven't been found out yet.
I find miniatures pretty amazing, especially when they're well done. It short circuits my brain to see tiny versions of things. I can't help myself.
So, last weekend I bought two new flowers. I meant to only get one, but sheesh, come on. They were only $7 each and just look at that teeny columbine! Precious!
Pencil for scale.

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