Monday, October 6, 2014

It's Like Magic

Did you know you can make an awesome antique wood stain using stuff from under your sink? I didn't until I was wasting time on the internet a few weeks ago.
I didn't bookmark the original site, and couldn't find it later, which means that I had to make up my own ratios, and I can't link to it here. Whoops. I only had to buy the steel wool, and conveniently remembered that it had to be "real" not stainless or it wouldn't work. For the record, Target only had stainless, so you'll have to go to a hardware store.
It's only 3 ingredients, 4 if you count the jar. Take a glass jar, and insert a pad of steel wool (NOT STAINLESS). Then scoop in some coffee grounds. I probably went nuts on this step. I'd recommend only 2-3 spoonfuls, I probably did 5+. Then fill up jar with vinegar and let sit over night.
Then you just rub the wood with the steel wool and boom, magic. It takes a few hours for the stain to develop. It's fascinating to watch it happen. Coffee grounds get everywhere, so do it outside, and for the love of everything, wear gloves.
I did quite a few pieces, all destined for jackalope greatness. 

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