Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Smartest Cat in the World

Do I have the smartest cat in the world? I wondered that when I saw what this little fuzzbutt did when we turned on the heat last week. If it isn't obvious from the photo, she takes great care to arrange the curtain to capture the heat from the vent and the sun. She also does this in summer with the air conditioning. This was the first full on vent lounging I've seen.
She may technically be an old lady (8!) but I still see her learn things from time to time. Whether it's reaching into the auto feeder to get some extra food, or creeping into bed with me in slow motion so I don't wake up*, she gets cleverer every day.
Kitty still has a bit to go to compete with my mom's cat Eddie. He's one big idea away from opening the door to the basement. The door has a handle, not a knob. He reaches up and touches it, but hasn't pulled down yet. He watches people use it and knows he's SO CLOSE. It's like watching a tiny fuzzy evil genius.
*She eventually fails every time when she gets too happy and starts purring.

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