Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wally, You're So Dreamy.

My mom's cat, Wally, does not love me. I've tried all my cat tricks that work wonders on my cat, but he's totally unimpressed. He loves neither pets nor scratchies. He tolerates being picked up, but you can tell his heart isn't in it. That's fine, because at 18 lbs, it's a struggle to pick him up anyway.
Wally greets the world with alarm. He's been sheltered and totally safe his entire life, but he is in constant worry that is all going to end RIGHT NOW. He's alarmed in this photo because I'm looking at him, and holding a camera about a foot from his face. That's not to say that he wouldn't look exactly like this if I wasn't even in the room with him.
His eyes are almost perfectly round and always entirely open. I wonder if he can't see well, but what optometrist would outfit a cat with glasses?

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