Monday, September 19, 2016

ALL The Pumpkins

If you follow me on instagram (@fabulouswhimsy) you were inundated with pumpkin photos on Friday. It was time for the annual pumpkin hunt with my mother. There's a frill-less, pick your own pumpkin farm that we like to go to. They hand you a wheelbarrow and point you to the field. No rides, no animals, so cutesy anything.
While I was aware that it had rained the night before, I wasn't prepared for how difficult this would make pumpkin picking. Let's just say that I'm not made for farming. It was quite a slog. I also think that this year's pumpkins were distinctly heavier than last year's. 
It took a while, but we harvested a wheelbarrow full and took turns pushing it back across the length of the field. Then the pumpkins all got a bath and hit with clear coat enamel spray. We have been spraying them for a few years and believe that it really makes them last longer. I usually throw out perfect looking pumpkins in December, so you be the judge.

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