Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Christmas Poem

I'm still here, I swear! It's been a totally insane few weeks here in the studio. THANK YOU to everyone who shopped online and visited me at shows! You are the best! I couldn't do what I do without my customers and I'm so grateful to you all.
Now for the bad news. It's too late to order online for Christmas delivery. You might be able to squeak in a last minute order if you live in Omaha, but I wouldn't even risk that. The post office is totally overwhelmed this time of year. Yesterday I had to drive around the block because every single parking space was taken. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. The rest of the year, there's only one or two other people there. 

If you procrastinated, and face it, you probably did, feel free to share my little poem as a placeholder. And don't worry about it too much, who doesn't love getting gifts after Christmas? Keep the party going!

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