Thursday, March 16, 2017

Featured Item of the Day

Green Beer Hair
Green beer isn't just for Saint Patrick's Day anymore. Make every day a green beer day with these awesome bobby pins!

Rachel O's is proud to offer the ultimate in couture fabric covered button jewelry.

Every fabric button is handmade, with love, by Rachel O herself. The sweet softness of fabric buttons accents any hairstyle. I like to think of my jewelry as being tiny canvases, wear my art with pride!

Each button measures approx .5 inch wide, and is firmly attached to a quality hair pin. You will receive one pair of hairpins as seen in the first photo. The other photos are for hair and style reference as well as to show what the back of the hairpin looks like.

Due to the handmade nature of your hairpins, they will vary ever so slightly from the pair in the photo, but will be equally awesome.

Check out my listings for other super(duper) hairpin designs.

Decorate your 'do with Rachel O's handmade fabric covered button bobbies!

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