Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I Painted a Pumpkin

I've wanted to paint one of those foam craft pumpkins for a while now. Last year I was waiting for them to go on sale and I waited too long, boo. This year I was more on the ball and I snapped one up for a sweet deal. 
The pumpkin had a shiny finish, so I gave it a quick coat with clear gesso. It's my go-to for painting on non-traditional surfaces. So far, no problems. 
I painted the skull with my favorite oil paints. I need the extra time that oil gives to get the shading smooth. In 3 months, I'll give the whole thing a spray of clearcoat. Until then, I'll just have to yell at all guests not to touch. 
I'd say that the biggest challenge was translating the sketch onto the pumpkin. I was so careful with proportions, but it still ended up warping a bit. I guess that will just have to be part of the charm..

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