Monday, February 5, 2018

Do the Dumb Things I Gotta Do

My studio has been undergoing a major sprucing up in preparation for my 5 year anniversary of being self employed! It was time for some new furniture, lighting, and of course, artwork.
I bought this "painting" many years ago at a garage sale. It's just a copy painted up to look like a real painting. The frame has a nice aged gold leaf finish. I paid approx $5. When I bought it, I planned to add an inspirational quote. 
There were 2 problems:
1. I hate my line work when painting text 
2. I didn't know what quote to use, the permanence of the project was daunting
Good news! Husband had treated himself to a vinyl cutting machine. I figured that this could work to my advantage. With vinyl letters, I could remove them in the future if I changed my mind. I could also use any font I wanted. Win win.
The design process was simple, cutting was simple, transferring the text was not simple. The smaller project we did later transferred like a dream, but this was big and delicate. It took a while to get the letters onto the transfer medium, then placed on the painting.
I'm SUPER happy with the results. It's crisper and shinier that I ever could have painted. I chose a subdued gold vinyl, and I think it looks great.
Now I just have to touch the puppet head and I'm good to go. 

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