Monday, May 20, 2019

Featured Item of the Day

Rachel O's Jackalopes are each a unique work of art. I crochet each one without a pattern so every sweet bunny face is different and has their own personality.

This jackalope has been stuffed and mounted to a wood plaque measuring approx 5x7 inches. There is a hole drilled in the back, so you can hang it with a single nail (not included).

Antlers are hand sculpted from polymer clay. 

Accessories and ear insides have been firmly attached with glue, but this is an art object, not a toy.

Like all nerds, this jackalope may need assistance in adjusting their glasses upon arrival. Glasses are attached with wire from the back and are free floating resting on the nose. I'm not sure, but it may shift during shipping. All it's going to need is a little wiggle. Don't worry about fingerprints on the lenses- the jackalope doesn't realize that their glasses don't have any lenses.

Ruler is in inches and is not included with purchase. 

Colors can appear differently on different monitors. I have done my best to represent the piece accurately. If you have any questions, I encourage you to ask before purchase.

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